Columbia Woodworkers Club

mann tool woodworking show

Friday, March 6, 9am-4pm and Saturday, March 7, 9am-2pm

There will be a limited amount of FREE space for individuals who would like to set up to demonstrate, display arts and crafts finished projects, or sell arts and crafts finished projects. If you are interested, please contact: David Fellows, President Palmetto Woodturners,, 803-920-5248

cwc competition

Columbia Woodworkers Club 2020 Challenge


A Best Box Category & An Open Category




The sky is the limit as to what you build but each catagory will have two divisions:


Craftsman: Entries will be judged on the following criteria in  order: #1 craftsmanship,  #2 functionality, #3 suitability of material for intended use and #4 aesthetics.


Amateur: Entries need not be functional & will be judged on the following criteria in this order: #1 aesthetics, #2 imagination, #3 color/materials and #4 craftsmanship.




v The Best Box Category is for a lidded box of any design and material but must utilize embellishment of some kind: carving, routing, checkering, inlay or like addition. By box, we mean a hollow container with sides, top and bottom. It can be cylindrical, 3-sided, 4-sided, 8-sided, as many sided as you desire. Examples include a ring box and a coffin and those are the general size limits as well.


v The Open Category can be anything a member chooses, so long as it is small enough to be carried into a meeting by the maker. We can arrange for a cart or dolly to help.


v Each Project can only qualify for one category and division. However, each member can enter all four categories and/or more than once in any category. Note: For our purposes, Amateur & Craftsman refer to the piece, not the maker.


v Entries must be made by the person(s) entering the contest and one must be a member in good standing.


v Entries must have been completed within the last year.


v All entries must be in good taste


v Winners will be announced after the May 12th meeting which we plan to hold at the Richland County Library, Assembly St. Actual judging schedule TBD.


v Entries must be received by the deadline which will be our May 12th meeting. If necessary, we can arrange for you to drop off the weekend or day before.  An entry form will be available at drop off at the Richland County Library – more details TBA.


v CWC Choice award - All those attending the May CWC meeting are invited to judge before the winners are announced by using your spare change to vote for your favorite. No $ limit. Vote for as many  as you wish. The entry with the highest ‘bank’ wins. Proceeds will benefit the CWC.


v People’s Choice award – Entries will be displayed at the Richland county Library where the public may vote.


We will have two Judges for this Challenge.


One will be a craftsman, one will be involved in design.


& Prizes will be awarded

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