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September meeting

September 3, 2021

CWC Club Members

As you know, club officers and other club members have met to reactivate our club.  We have created a set of by-laws, which you have seen and had the opportunity to comment on.  We’ve also obtained the information we need to purchase liability insurance at reasonable cost.  These have been part of Mann Tools long standing policy for hosting clubs and will permit us to begin meeting again at Mann Tool and Supply.

This posting contains a copy of the revised bylaws for the club, based on the comments we received, which will be discussed and voted on at our first meeting.  Please review the proposed bylaws and be prepared to vote.  We’d like to get the business portion of the meeting over as quickly as we can.  All members who were in good standing when we had to stop our meetings are eligible to vote on  Tuesday, September 14.  Our meeting will begin at 6;30 P.M.

We will also approve the slate of officers at that time so the club can renew activities.  The officers proposed  and who have agreed to serve for the coming year are:

President - Cliff Schneider                            Secretary -  Dave Davy

Treasurer - Tom Haas                    Newsletter Editor - Michael Davis

Webmaster - Ken Thayer                             Membership Director -  Dean Carson

Immediate Past President - Alice Perrit

Our first community event will be a booth at the State Fair this October.  Dean Carson has started coordinating with the Fair administration and he will be talking to the Woodturners to work with them on the booth. 

After we conclude the business portion of our meeting, we will have a “show and tell” so please bring what you can to show what you’ve been doing in the shop.  We look forward to meeting  everyone again and renewing the club activities.

Sincerely yours,


Dean Carson, Michael Davis, Dave Davy, Tom Haas, Paul League, Peter Miller,  Cliff Schneider,  Ken Thayer, 

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